Rafael Toral
Wave Field
Released: 1/2005
Label: Dexter's Cigar
Catalog #: 14
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This album was originally released on the Moneyland  label from Portugal in 1998, and has been nearly impossible to obtain in the USA. This record is what every guitar/drone/crunch/snap, crackle and pop aficionado has ever wanted. The Portuguese musician uses a Fender Jaguar and a series of effects to create beautiful, soaring ambient drones, three of which are collected on WAVE FIELD: the half an hour “Wave Field 5,” the sixteen minute “Wave Field 6,” and a three minute edit of the complete piece. It’s epic, it’s intimate, and has been perfectly described as “a personally served ten course meal at a table for two at the edge of the Grand Canyon.” The title and the cover say it all, it’s called WAVE FIELD and the cover replicates LOVELESS’ fiery pink/red guitar blur. Let Toral be the next step for die-hard MBV-heads as Dexter’s Cigar finally reissues WAVE FIELD to a wider audience.

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